Help Dr. Yunus Save Grameen Bank from Government Takeover

Help Dr. Yunus Save Grameen Bank from Government Takeover

Today the independence of Grameen Bank is threatened by the actions of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh. Over the past few years Prime Minister Hasina has led efforts by her government to force Professor Yunus out of his position as managing director of the Bank. The government has now appointed a commission to look into the operations of Grameen Bank and make recommendations as to its future leadership. This commission is widely seen as a way for the government to take control of the Grameen Bank from its women borrower-owners. This would be an enormous setback to the human and legal rights of these women.

What can you do?
1.       Sign the petition
2.       Circulate the petition to your friends, family & colleagues

Learn more about the issue:
1.       Fact Sheet detailing the recent challenges
2.       Personal Statement from Professor Yunus

Please join us in signing this petition to urge the Bangledeshi government to protect the independence of Grameen Bank and its borrowers. We need to collect 5,000 signatures by August 17th.

Stephen A. Vogel
CEO, Grameen America


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