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LAMN is looking for an Internet blogger interested in Microfinance, current students & graduates welcome! We can NOW provide Academic credit! Let us know if you’re interested, it’s a wonderful way to stay current on Microfinance issues and spread the good word to your Los Angeles community! E-mail if you are interested!

Otherwise, check out the websites mentioned below!

Microfinance Gateway:


Grameen Foundation:

Grameen America:

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  1. microfinance says:

    Hi Megan, thanks for your note. Are you based in LA? If yes, do try to come to our next event at UCLA Anderson. RSVP here: You’ll be able to connect with the microfinance professionals in Los Angeles.

  2. Rocio Rodarte says:

    Hi. Are you still accepting intern applications for Summer 2009? If so, I’d be very interested in getting involved in any possible way. I am a rising junior at Brown Uinversity, concentrating in International Relations & Economics, and have studied the effects of microfinance at the international level, and would love to learn more about your organziation. Thanks!

  3. nes patio says:

    hello! Microfinance can be a great means towards achieving the social end of uplifting the lives of the poor families I believe that microfinance can become an effective tool for wealth creation by providing the poor with improved facilities to save and to have better access to credit.
    If you have plans to start a microfinance project anywhere else in southeast asia, please consider my country (Philippines) we need more people like you(organizations like yours) to help my country rise from poverty.
    I pray for the success of your organization.

  4. Nathan Wray says:

    Hello. I am extremely interested in becoming involved and starting a career in the microfinance sector. In a few years I am planning to apply to MBA programs for international development, specifically in the microfinance sector. I am in the midst of a transition into this arena from the entertainment industry. Do you know of any volunteer opportunities available where I can at least get my foot in the door?

    I have already put together a microfinance project for my youth group through Kiva and have attended a few seminars.

    I live in Los Angeles, so any help that you can give would be very much appreciated.

  5. Alison Comings says:

    Hi – I’ve been serving as the Director of Marketing and Business Analysis for SF Global Group (Transfercel) here in Los Angeles for a little over a year but have decided to look for something else. SF Global Group is a start-up preparing to launch its first product – a low-cost prepaid debit card that allows people to send remittances cheaply by mobile phone. I’m looking to work as a Project Manager for another microfinance company in Los Angeles.

    Does anyone have any leads?

    I have a robust resume that includes years of experience in microfinance and four years at Harvard Business School working as a research associate and faculty assistant.

  6. Sasha Stone says:

    Are you excepting internships for 2010 any where in LA. I am an working towards my MBA in Global business at Pepperdine University and am very passionate about developing nations and Microfinance.
    Please let me know if you have or know of any internships coming up.
    Sasha Stone

  7. Krishna Shah says:

    Event Coordinator

    The Los Angeles Microfinance Network is looking for an enthusiastic individual to work directly with the LAMN Board in coordinating and recruiting volunteers for upcoming microfinance speaker events, happy hours, and networking meetups.

    The Volunteer Coordinator would receive either free entrance to all LAMN events, as well as get first hand knowledge of cutting edge news, and introductions to pioneers and leaders in the microfinance industry.

    • Prior experience planning events
    • Strong Communication skills
    • Can coordinate with microfinance speakers and institutions
    • Having access to an event or meeting space such as lecture halls, auditoriums, etc is a big plus!

    How to Apply:
    Please send us your resume and cover letter, demonstrating your event planning skills and why you are interested in this position.

    To learn more about this opportunity and others, please email us at

    1. krishna0701 says:

      Just an update! We have filled this position with our new event coordinator, Raheem Parpia. Check out his bio on team page.

  8. natalie m says:

    Hi I am looking for a career in microfinance. I am based in the Southern California area and I am a recent UC Berkeley graduate.

  9. We’ve just begin offering microfinance programs to individuals and small businesses. We’re hiring! Please visit our website at to learn more.

  10. ruchi says:

    Hi, I am very interested in a career in microfinance. I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley and have 3 years of experience working at Wells Fargo’s credit department and at a tech startup.

  11. Mohammed Sahil says:

    I am greatly Interested in Micro finance and want to do internship in summers.
    I have done Internship in Grameen Bank, Bangladesh and had learned a lot about Micro finance.