LA+acumen hosts #SocEnt.LA @ CorkBar

LA+acumen hosts #SocEnt.LA @ CorkBar

Come out to Cork Bar tomorrow night at 6:30 for SocEnt.LA‘s Monthly Mixer. It’s going to be an amazing time, as we have LA+acumen hosting! LA+acumen is an org that was recently launched last Spring by supporters of the Acumen Fund. If you don’t know about the Acumen Fund, perhaps you have heard about the amazing book titled The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz. It is an amazing book that is intrinsically tied to the core values of the Acumen Fund, which is that everyone is connected on a certain level, and any one person’s social mission can have far-reaching consequences around the world. This is why the Acumen Fund invests in social enterprises and cutting-edge technology, and has a mission to move beyond a world with poverty.

So now that you are raring to go, here are the deets:

Who: The Los Angeles Social Enterprise Community – SocEnt.LA - Hosted by LA+acumen

What: This Month’s Network Series

When: Tuesday, October 30th 2012 – 6:30-9:30

Where: Cork Bar - 403 W. 12th Street  Los Angeles, CA 90015

Why: Don’t make me explain this again…it should be fairly obvious. If you must know, $2 tapas and happy hour discounted wine…OH YEAH


We also have an amazing line-up for you on Tuesday evening as the topic for the night will be Education. Liz Kelly, CEO/Founder of Goody Awards will be speaking, and Social Capital Philanthropists will be the guest non-profit in the house.









This event, co-hosted by none other than:

Co-hosted by ourselves + these amazing crews:

The Hub LA
B Revolution
Philanthro Productions
Picture Healing
Global Health Review

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