Microfinance: To What Purpose?

For those of you who missed it, LAMN held a great event on Saturday, October 20th. We were graced with the presence of David Roodman, author of Due Diligence and Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development, and Chris Dunford, former President of Freedom from Hunger for 20 years and now current Senior Research Fellow, and our moderator, Dr. Bhagwan Chowdhry, Faculty Director of UCLA’s Financial Engineering program. We organized a conversation to be had between the two of them to discuss their unique perspectives on Microfinance, how it is currently working, and the direction it is moving in. This comes at a crucial time for the Microfinance industry; it is in flux due to the heavy criticism it has been receiving and the uncertainty this has caused. These two gentlemen talked until their throats were sore, trying to fit their complex analyses of the Microfinance industry in a short 2 hour span. The event was masterfully moderated by UCLA’s finest, Dr. Chowdhry, who led the engaged dialogue with passion, intrigue, and a fierceness for clarity – his absolute expertise on the subject proved useful as well.

We thank all 3 gentlemen who formed this all-star cast for not only volunteering their time, but for helping the Los Angeles Microfinance community better understand this industry that we believe has the potential to be a major player in poverty alleviation.

So until the video, enjoy the pictures:

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