SocEnt.LA Mixer – AUGUST

SocEnt.LA Mixer – AUGUST

Hey hey everyone! It just that time once again! Time for another excuse to get rowdy on a Tuesday night and network your face off with people as infatuated with Social Enterprise and Microfinance as YOU are. Easy…contain your excitement….

This month is hosted by ThrdPlace, an absolutely amazing organization that is doing great things! Take a look at their website (, it’s a beaut, and really provides an opportunity to get involved in local projects. This event will be a Social Enterprise pitch/demo day – so tighten up your shoes – your socks will literally be blown off.

The Mixer Deets:

When: Tuesday, August 28th from 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Where: HUB LA Social Enterprise Community @ 830 Traction Ave Suite 3a, Los Angeles, CA 90013

How: RSVP here! 


Those organizations contributing to the Pitch/Demo:

The Thrd Place ( 
One Giving ( 
Picture Healing (
Jack’s Soap (
LTSN Headphones ( 
InVenture ( 
Crowd Funder (


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