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The Los Angeles Microfinance Network is partnered with Social Enterprise Los Angeles – or SocEnt.LA in shorthand. SocEnt.LA is an umbrella organization led by Ms. Kwiri Yang that connects individuals interested in Social Entrepreneurship in the Los Angeles area. It is comprised of various organizations based in Los Angeles who are doing remarkable things by way of Social Business. Our monthly mixers fall under this umbrella, so if you’re interested do not miss these events on the last Tuesday of every month.

Check out their website for more information: www.socent.la

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  1. Ian Kinard says:

    Hi guys, I am currently seeking employment in the microfinance sector and would like to know how I should send a cover letter and CV. Also would love to learn more about your organization! Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Ian Kinard

  2. Ivana Darmawan says:


    I’m currently a Business School student at UCLA Anderson School of Management and I’m planning to role out a website to centralize the Microfinance Network in Los Angeles. I am hoping to speak with you about this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Ivana Darmawan

  3. Jennifer Chong says:

    I’m very interested in becoming involved in any microfinance development and opportunity in the LA area. Although I don’t have any direct experience in microfinance or wiht MFMIs, my work experience is relevant such that I have 3 years as an underwriter for commercial loans and I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from UCLA. My cousin is actively involved in the microfinance community on the East Coast, specifically with BRAC (founder is Muhammed Yunnus of the Grameen Bank), hence I have a solid understanding of microfinance. I’d love to transition into this field and could use some guidance on organizations in LA that I could contact for job opportunities.

    Also, anything I can do to get involved in your organization of upkeeping the website or get my hands into would be great.

  4. Diana de Castro says:

    Hello Ivana,

    I am new to Orange County and am looking to engage in a microfinance network here. I have left a career in international private wealth management after 15years to pursue microfinance.
    I would love to attend the next event you are hosting. Also, I will be visiting Los Angeles frequently and would love to have the opportunity to speak with you. I would like to invite you for lunch or coffee, which ever your schedule permits. Will you be available Jan 12 and 19th?

    Kind Regards,

    1. David says:


      I am also a local in Orange County seeking to establish a MFI network. I would be more than happy to collaborate. I have raised funds but still need further development of the business model (a localized version) prior to launch. My background is in VC.

      Let me know if you are available for a quick chat to discuss opportunities.


  5. Pon Sagnanert says:

    Hello, I stumbled upon your group, Los Angeles Microfinance Network, by accident and became interested in finding a way to get involved. The concept of microfinance is somewhat new to me – but it seems to be quite promising for grassroots development. How can I help? Are there any part-time volunteer opportunity available? I am a finance professional with 3 years of experience in investment management in Los Angeles and an undergrad education in politics and economics from Berkeley. Please let me know how I can help. Thank you.

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  7. R. says:


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  8. Mkrtich Asatryan says:


    I have 13 years of real life experience in Microfinance in Armenia. From 1997 to current I worked as loan officer, accountant, MIS coordinator and finaly the head of IT unit in “Aregak” MFI. Back in 1997 there were 3 employees and one Branch office. Currently, “Aregak” has 200 employees and is the largest Credit organization in Armenia. I have gained the practical experience of all aspect of micro loan proccessing. The critical issue for successful MFI is effective scoring the micro loans. I have created and developed a software for easy, fast and relaible scoring of micro loan application (MSDBA).
    I think the project can be further developed (ea. special web side which can be used by MFI’s) and can be shared amongst world wide MFI’s as powerfull tool in micro loans proccesing. If your organization is intersted in either in development of project or raising funds for the project then I am currently in LA and can be contacted any time.

  9. Amy says:

    Hello, I’ve had an interest in microfinance for quite some time but haven’t really found any organization within my area (Orange County, CA) to connect with and learn more about this industry and how I might be able to become involved. I did just come across the LA Microfinance Network and would like to learn more. Who should I contact and are there any upcoming events or meetings that I may attend to learn more?

    Please advise…thank you,